Hi there! I’m an artist living in Fairfield, Iowa. My creative career started in jewelry design and I owned a small jewelry business for over 15 years in Washington, DC. In 2014 I attended Maharishi International University to study art which led to my working under skilled silversmith, Tommie Lane of Thimbles by TJ Lane for several years.


I love to paint animals, nature and people and I’m always finding captivating subjects. I’m influenced by naive folk artists like Grandma Moses and Karla Gerard, and most meaningfully, I’m drawn to African motifs and patterns as a way of connecting with my ancestral roots. Since a young age I’ve always loved creating things with my hands and my love for pattern in design has carried over from my background in jewelry to my drawings and paintings.


Please contact me to inquire about freelance work and commissions. I’d love to hear from you!